Allison McCarthy



Allison wasn't quite sure. Either she needed branding to pursue a career as a travel photographer, or as a freelance business consultant. In order to create a system that could be used for either, we focused on highlighting Allison the person, rather than what services she would provide. Immediately, it became apparent that her life and personality revolved around the balance of artistic vision, and type-A organization and drive. The ensuing branding progression aimed to find that same balance.

Although the exploration below is only a small fraction of the work and revision that goes into a branding project, it stands to show the general process from expansive first survey, to precise final system. The first four directions each focus on a different aspect of Allison's personality and the following revision rounds focus that study to create a mark that balances her artistic voice with her business prowess. 

The final branding is a series of interchangeable marks all created from the same visual system. The layout and design style are recognizable, even if the exact mark is constantly changing. It is artistic, whimsical, planned, and precise - just like Allison.